2019 BEACH CLEANUPS urecycle September 13, 2022



Marine pollution which mostly originates from land-based sources is choking world oceans, destroying aquatic ecosystems, killing and hurting sea creatures and poisoning our food chain, ultimately threatening the health of humans, our oceans and planet.

Beach Cleanups might not be a holistic solution to plastic pollution but it is an informative approach in learning firsthand about the impact of plastic pollution on coastal communities, raising awareness about the effects of waste on the marine ecosystem, and recovering littered waste. 


In 2019, we collaborated with Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative and Kids Beach Garden to engage in two different beach cleanups at the Akodo Community and Ikate Community, respectively.

By cleaning beaches, we worked towards protecting the shorelines of Lagos and ocean, mitigating plastic pollution in oceans and protecting sea creatures from the harmful impact of ingestion and entanglement with plastic.

Doing so, we contributed to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 14 – Life Under Water.

We also used these field opportunities to learn and research firsthand how plastic pollution is affecting coastal communities.