2019 SCHOOL WORKSHOPS urecycle September 12, 2022



Number of Projects: TWO

Date: 23rd January 2019 AND Friday 24th May, 2019

Schools: Queen’s College Yaba AND Federal Science and Technical College Yaba

Location: Lagos, Nigeria.

Number of students enlightened: 405+

Duration: ~4 hours at each school


We noticed an existential gap in the participation of Nigerian schools in recycling and environmental awareness. Hence we wanted to change this narrative. The major objective of this project was to create environmental awareness in schools, inspiring the young generation to develop eco-friendly habits in view of tackling pollution. This project was also geared toward promoting awareness about Sustainable development goals.


  1. To pique students’ interest in recycling and environmental conservation and instill a sense of dedication to the cause.
  2. To educate the students on the positive impact of recycling and how they can promote recycling in their school.


U-recycle Initiative awareness workshops were organised at schools to educate students and teachers about recycling and eco-friendly habits. The aim of this workshop was to inspire and educate students to make positive commitments and take action toward preserving the environment. 

In the year 2019, U-recycle Initiative successfully hosted workshops in two schools. On Wednesday 23rd January 2019, U-recycle’s first workshop was hosted at Queens College Lagos, with over 200 students in attendance including volunteers, guests and teachers.

Subsequently, our second workshop was held at Federal Science and Technical College Yaba Lagos in May 2019, with about 205 students in attendance apart from the participation of volunteers and teachers.


In our workshops, we highlighted the basic concepts of recycling: what recycling is, who should recycle, what can be recycled and the importance of recycling in addressing plastic pollution. Students and teachers were enlightened on the process of starting a recycling system in their school and were presented with detailed procedures that when taken, would ensure the smooth running of a recycling system in their school. They also learned how their personal decisions and actions matter in preserving the environment. In the same vein, we encouraged them to make pledges to the environment. 

We invited environmental experts, namely: Miss Doyinsola Ogunye of Kids Beach Garden, who educated the students extensively on the process of recycling and its importance. She also shared her experiences on how she leverages her knowledge of sustainability in creating a cleaner city and environmentally-conscious community . The second speaker was Miss Temilade Salami of EcoWarriors who explained how plastic pollution harms sea creatures and pollutes oceans.

In between sessions, the students were asked questions to ensure they understood what was being discussed and to encourage them and make it lively we gave out freebies.To spark their interest further, the students participated in recycling games, it was fun to see how much they cheered each other during the game whilst learning basic concepts like SORTING waste and how important it is to waste management and recycling

Finally, a video explaining how PET bottles are recycled was displayed to make the students understand the processes that occur at a recycling factory.

It was great to see that students left the workshop being more knowledgeable about recycling and plastic pollution. Also, they learnt fundamental ways to be part of the solution to plastic pollution. After the workshop, the coordinating teachers at the schools were given Informative Posters and a School Activity Guide to aid them in starting a recycling system at their respective schools and also strategies through which they can further sensitise students in their school about this issue. 


The Neo Child Initiative Africa 

-Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative 

– Lagos Lagoon Waterkeepers

-International Climate Change Development Initiative