Apply NOW: PlasticWize Fellowship 2022 urecycle July 28, 2022

Apply NOW: PlasticWize Fellowship 2022

Are you a female undergraduate who is interested in protecting the environment?

You should see this!

Application is now open for our PlasticWize Fellowship. 

The Plastic Wize Fellowship is a campaign focused on empowering young female undergraduates (aged 16-25) to become key sustainability leaders who will lead a transformative behavioral change campaign across tertiary institutions in Nigeria to tackle marine plastic pollution. 

This campaign is powered by U-recycle Initiative Africa with the immense support of The Government of Canada and Challenge Works through the Afri-Plastics Challenge.

This campaign will feature capacity building programs and widespread creative interventions to educate our target audience indepthly on how to reduce their plastic footprints (refusing single-use plastic, reducing littering and choosing reusables)

From intensive training to ground breaking impact, In the first phase we will coach 30 young women to become our PlasticWize Fellows empowering them to create transformative, comprehensive and creative strategies to mitigate marine plastic pollution engaging at least 30,000 students in major universities across Nigeria.

Are you interested? 

Apply Now

Deadline for application: 7th August 2022

Who are we looking for? 

To be eligible, you should:

  • Be a female undergraduate (students in polytechnics and state universities are strongly encouraged to apply).
  • Be passionate about the environment and have a basic understanding of plastic pollution. 
  • Be willing to dedicate a total of 8 hours spread across a 4-day comprehensive Bootcamp.  
  • Must be available to implement environmental projects (fully funded by us) at your university.
  • Have access to a laptop & internet connection.
  • Be an innovative individual ready to inspire and mobilize your peers to tackle plastic pollution. 
  • Be willing to commit 8-10 hours per month for project implementation during selected weeks at the latter part of the fellowship. 
  • Have Good organizational skills with the ability to work independently and collaboratively.
Why should you apply?
  • Comprehensive training and Impactful sessions from exceptional Global Experts. 
  • Gain lifelong and life-changing leadership skills and access mentorship from seasoned professionals; a valuable opportunity for emerging environmentalists and sustainability leaders.
  • Access to global and local opportunities and networks that can advance your personal development.
  • Earn Resume-worthy experience and global recognition. 
  • Gain first-hand experience in developing creative and innovative youth-focused environmental projects.
  • During the fellowship win exciting incentives including swag items, goodies and gadgets. At the end of the fellowship in January, Stand a Chance to Win a paid vacation trip to a Tourist Resort in Nigeria (T&C Apply)
Are you interested? 

Apply Now

Deadline for application: 7th August 2022

Why is this campaign important? 

Nigeria sits among the top 20 counties contributing to marine plastic pollution in the world (World Atlas). Yet from our research we discovered that About 7 in 10 Nigerian University students have never heard about the term marine plastic pollution or do not know what it is.

Polluted oceans, Choked waterways, unhealthy dumps of waste, poisoning of the food chain, the injustice to the ecosystems and coastal communities- the devastating impact of plastic pollution in Nigeria is rising but sadly, the over-consumption and mismanagement of plastic waste remain unabated. 

Previous studies have identified areas with university students as a hotspot for single-use plastic overconsumption, excessive waste generation, and littering. This is a behavior we want to change through our campaign. 


About Us

U-recycle Initiative Africa is a youth-led non–profit focused on advancing environmental education, circular economy and climate action across Africa. Our projects are focused on enlightening youths to take action against plastic pollution whilst empowering them with knowledge and expertise to create solutions. So far, we have implemented over 36 environmental and youth development projects engaging over 7100 youths across 11 African countries.

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