CITY AWARENESS EVENT- GLOBAL RECYCLING DAY 2020 urecycle September 13, 2022



Date: Wednesday, 18th March 2020.

Location: Lagos, Nigeria.

Number of people in attendance: 150+

Number of Schools represented: SIX

Number of organizations represented: >20 ORGANISATIONS

Duration: >5 hours


The mission of Global Recycling Day is threefold:

  • To raise awareness about the urgent need to stop dumping and landfilling untreated waste.
  • To unite the world’s approach to recycling, from world and community leaders to businesses and individuals.
  • To encourage the world to think ‘resource’ and not waste while celebrating the planet’s Seventh Resource: recyclables.


Global recycling day was created by the Global Recycling Foundation London in 2018 to help recognize and celebrate the importance recycling plays in preserving our primary resources and securing the future. U-recycle initiative Nigeria successfully organised a funfair event to commemorate this day in the year 2019 on 18th March 2019. Through this annual educational event, U-recycle aims to promote recycling in Nigeria by inspiring mass action towards protecting our environment and making people see waste as a resource.

On Monday 18th March 2019, U-Recycle Initiative hosted ‘Nigeria’s First Global Recycling Day Event’. This was done in conjunction with Global Recycling Foundation London in conjunction with Greenfingers Wildlife Initiative, Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative and Lagos Lagoon Waterkeepers. It was successful with the support of over 20 environmental organizations and attendance of over 145 people including school students. 

Our event was organized with funds raised by Lagos Lagoon Waterkeepers and generous donations from family, friends, volunteers and other amazing organizations.


Our Recycling Funfair Event featured various activities namely; an interactive panel discussion, games, exhibition, Art Contest  and an Upcycle Fashion Show where we partnered with Green Fingers Wildlife Conservation Initiative to display their fashion outfits made from recyclables. Indeed, it was a beautiful showcase.

During this event, we had an art contest amongst representatives from the participating schools. They were provided with materials to come up with an artwork made from recyclables within a very limited time. It was great to see how much creativity was put into this by the participants. There was a panel of environmentalists to evaluate this activity and three schools emerged as winners and were awarded certificates alongside the event merchandise. In addition, there was an exhibition of upcycled artworks by FABE NIGERIA and DISPOSE RECYCLERS. The upcycled works included: tyre tables and stools, mirrors made from spoon, pencil cases, flower plants, piggy banks from plastic bottles, just to mention a few.

 Furthermore, we had expert talk sessions by Mr Taiwo Adewole of Recycle points, and  a representative of Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA). These individuals spearheaded two different talk sessions, engaging the students on topics revolving around waste and recycling.

A panel session was held, during which Mrs. Temitope Okunnu, Founder of FABE NIGERIA and Mrs Olubukola of TRASH 2 WEALTH INITIATIVE, were panellists. During this session, they were involved in discussions relating to the work they do at their organisations; upcycling and the converting of trash to wealth. The two women shared their experiences with the audience which encompasses how they started and how much impact that has been made from the projects they have implemented in their respective organizations.

To cap it up, simple recycling-themed games were played by students after the event. 


  • The event and our Founder’s story were featured on an International Magazine ‘Recycling Today’, and Also Environews– by The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), as well as six other local and international newspapers/blogs.
  • We had a call interview with BBC World Service Radio.  
  •  The event also received media coverage from two local TV stations (TV360 and TVC News).


For this project, we partnered with the following businesses, companies, and organizations:

  1. Global Recycling Foundation
  2. Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative (WACI)
  3. Lagos Lagoon WaterKeepers
  4. Greenfingers Wildlife Initiative 
  5. The Neo Child Initiative Africa (TNCI- formerly known as The Nigerian Child Initiative Africa)
  6. Lagos State Parks and Garden Agency
  7. Kids Beach Garden
  8. Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA)
  9. Recycle points
  10. FABE Nigeria
  11. Honey-Suckle Cakes
  12. Street Waste Company Limited
  13. Dispose Recyclers
  14. Recyclers Association of Nigeria (RAN)
  15. Lekzyvinity Concepts
  17. Trash2Wealth
  18. YSI
  19. Nestle
  20. SustyVibes


  1. TVCNews
  2. Tv360
  3. The Points Newspaper
  4. Metrostar Newspaper
  5. Nigerian Tribune
  6. BBC World Service Radio
  7. Recycling Today Magazine