Kudirat Oyiza Abdulkareem’s Story urecycle September 15, 2022

Kudirat Oyiza Abdulkareem's Story

Kudirat Oyiza Abdulkareem is from Kogi state, a student of Bayero University, Kano, who grew up in a society where no wrong is seen to dispose of waste in landfill, nearby streams, or rivers. Land and water pollution, as a result of this waste disposal, became a norm everywhere, which was evident, even when she traveled to another state.

Kudirat noted that the problem is majorly attributed to no standard waste management department or  recycling company in the state and also the lackadaisical attitude of the government towards plastic pollution is very concerning, thus making the only option for community dwellers to throw their  refuse (waste)into the waterways, canals, and bodies affecting public health and aquatic ecosystems, In 2020, Kudirat started working as a climate change activist with a focus on tree planting, addressing issues of desertification and creating awareness on the importance of tree

In April 2021, she participated in our Litterathon Challenge with her friend, this sparked her interest in bringing positive change to the inherent plastic pollution problem in her state. It was around this time, that she checked our website and social media pages. Seeing our works and impact, inspired her further. It’s also more important to note that, Kudirat and her friend emerged  1st runner up in the Litterathon Challenge- this shows her unique commitment.

Later on, Kudirat went further to launch a project, reaching out to more than a thousand students in Kano state, enlightening them on sustainable models to tackle plastic pollution starting from their school. She went further to establish a school climate club, which serves as a workforce to ensure their schools and neighboring communities are free from plastic waste by gathering plastic bottles and handing them over to recycling companies which will In turn pay them, leading to their empowerment. This is the power of problem-solving!