National Executive Retreat: Celebrating 5 years of Impact and Charting a path forward! urecycle November 13, 2023

National Executive Retreat: Celebrating 5 years of Impact and Charting a path forward!

On the September 25th to 28th, 2023, the core executive members of the U-recycle Initiative Africa team namely, the Executive Director, Oluwaseyi Moejoh; the Director of Operations; Paul Ayomide Eweola; the Administrative Officer, Onodingene Afoma; and a Project Manager, Ifeoluwa Ayeni; gathered for the National Executive Retreat where they engaged in intensive sessions and deliberations; analyzing both existing and future plans. This event marked a crucial juncture where we reviewed our past accomplishments and charted our strategic path for the future.

“The potential of any organization rests on the strengths of its leaders”- Craig Groeschel

As we celebrate half a decade of dedicated service to young people and the environment, we embodied this quote by engaging in thought-provoking conversations; creating clear and succinct plans that would mark the trajectory of the organization in the next 5 years and beyond.

The management team convened for this three-day meeting at Abuja Nigeria, signifying unflinching dedication to the organization’s advancement.

Arrival & Day1

We arrived in Abuja in the late hours of Monday, 25th September, after we had the team members fly in from across Nigeria. Team members that were present physically include:

  1.  Seyi Moejoh – Executive Director- from Port Harcourt
  2. Paul Ayomide Eweola- Director of Operations- from Akure
  3. Onodingene Afoma- Administrative Officer- from Port Harcourt
  4. Ife Ayeni- Project Manager- from Abuja

The rest of the night was spent in worship and appreciation to God for bringing us this far, as well as resting and preparing our minds for the upcoming days of intense strategization.

Day 2

On Day 2 of the retreat- the 26th of September- we were joined by top executives from the Leadership and Social Impact organization, Ideation Hub Africa. This includes, the Founder, Debola Deji-Kurunmi, popularly known as “DDK” (virtually) and the Programme Director, Director Toyin Banjo (in-person). This 7-hour strategy meeting took place at Transcorp Hilton Abuja.

Many sessions were facilitated by these individuals as we gleaned knowledge from their wealth of wisdom. During these sessions, we deliberated on crucial aspects of U-recycle Initiative’s operations, such as optimization of our resource management system and strengthening of our human capital strategy.

Also, we emphasized the need for an effective accountability system by defining realistic expectations and establishing clear success metrics for our projects. We also focused on building systems to enhance our team’s skills, manage volunteers and staff, and ensure financial sustainability.

The strategic retreat meeting culminated in tailored recommendations and key action points that emphasized the need to create effective commitment management systems, expand our human capital, and strategically harness the power of technology as we create sustainable change.

The day concluded with a memorable dinner event celebrating our 5th anniversary. Surely, this dinner strengthened our team bond and allowed us to celebrate our unwavering dedication in grand style.

Day 3

On the third day of the retreat which took place at The CANs Park on the 27th of September- we engaged in further specific discussions about upcoming projects, improvement on existing ones, and innovative ideas to spark real change. We also had the privilege of engaging with Fathia Bello- the Co-Founder and Director of Partnership and Creatives, in our discussions through virtual participation.


On the next day, September 28th, the team members departed back to their various locations, reminiscing on the key takeaways and with a heightened commitment to the vision of the organization. We are excited to put into action the things we have identified and learned to help the organization achieve its goals. We know that it would not be easy, but we are confident that, together, we can defy odds.

From deliberating on an upcoming comprehensive project, to gleaning from the wisdom of experts, brainstorming ideas, and developing a plan, Now, it’s time to get to work!.

In conclusion, this retreat marks the beginning of an exciting phase for U-Recycle Initiative Africa, as we set our course for a future marked by even more significant accomplishments in our ongoing pursuit of a sustainable and inclusive world. In all, our overarching goals remains to scale our vision, increase our impact, and create innovative solutions to the plastic pollution and climate crisis plaguing the continent through harnessing the power of YOUTH!

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