Plasticwize Fellowship 2.0 urecycle March 9, 2024

PlasticWize Fellowship 2.0

We’re searching for 12 future leaders from 4 top universities across Nigeria who are
fired up about environmental sustainability and ready to champion innovative solutions
on their campus!

About PlasticWize Fellowship

In 2022, U-recycle Initiative launched The PlasticWize Fellowship, a year-long, transformative leadership development programme tackling marine plastic pollution head-on by empowering universities to lead and influence behaviour change across campuses in Nigeria.

Building on the success of the first phase, PLASTICWIZE 2.0, themed Redefining Sustainable Campuses_in Africa, is focused on deploying methodologies, tools and impact frameworks in four universities in Nigeria. The goal is to influence systemic and behavioural changes towards accelerating localised solutions so as to drastically reduce the excessive generation of plastic wastes at universities, pioneering the realities of sustainable plastic-free campus systems in the African Region.

We are on a mission to create student-led innovations to prevent plastic wastes from ending up in landfills and oceans, advancing novel circular economy models in Africa.

PlasticWize Fellows will:

  • Gain valuable skills, knowledge and experience through specialised training sessions that will enhance your academic and professional journey.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals, experts, and professionals.
  • Receive guidance and support in developing and implementing your own environmental projects or initiatives.
  • Access a wide range of resources, including research materials, toolkits, and funding opportunities to support your environmental projects and initiatives.
  • Showcase your work and achievements through our platform and gain recognition as a leader in environmental activism.
  • Engage with your school authorities to raise awareness about plastic pollution and climate change through educational workshops, outreach programs, and advocacy campaigns.
  • Receive support in measuring the impact of your projects and initiatives on the environment and local communities.
  • Learn how to monitor and evaluate your efforts to maximise positive outcomes effectively.
  • Develop and hone leadership skills, confidence, and resilience as you navigate challenges and opportunities in environmental sustainability.

To be eligible, you should:

  • Be a student of UNILAG, OAU, UNIBEN or LAUTECH.
  • Have access to a laptop and internet connection.
  • Currently studying environmental science or related course.
  • Be passionate about plastic pollution, climate activism, and innovation.
  • Have a background/history of active engagement in environmental initiatives.
  • Have volunteered for an environmental organisation.
  • Can dedicate at least 5-7 Hrs per week to the Fellowship for the next 2 years.

Application Deadline
April 20, 2024