Solomon Ekundayo’s Story  urecycle September 15, 2022

Solomon Ekundayo's Story

Solomon Ekundayo is a chap who is knowledgeable in environmental sustainability and opportunity further to explore this area when he got to know about our AY4E Masterclass series, a platform that expounded how to handle and manage projects, public speaking, knowledge of environmental sustainability, and also improves networking. 

He then volunteered for an organization called Plogging Nigeria, which organizes cleanup every Saturday, engaging its members to pick litter from point A to the nearest dump site. In the quest of the organization to do better, they came up with some ideas. Solomon and his team came up with the idea to construct a C-shaped seating slab with upcycled PET bottles, which is an expansion on the aspect of the initiative he works with.

Retracing how the journey has been, Solomon recounted one of the several impacts the program had on him and how it had taken a turn on his confidence to speak publicly and have a good delivery. He now visits several offices and parastatals to pitch ideas with an assurance of a nice delivery.

Another notable point is that, through the AY4E Masterclass series, Solomon gained the understanding needed to widen his network and how to utilize the opportunities attached. So, he continued working on a few other projects, together with his team. This he aimed to achieve by creating an interesting number of networks which gives him the opportunity to access offers needed to push the plan forward for fulfillment.