U-recycle Initiative launches an environmental Board Game and Storybook to celebrate children’s day. urecycle June 15, 2023

U-recycle Initiative launches an environmental Board Game and Storybook to celebrate children’s day.

Project Timeline: September 2022 – May 2023

As part of our ongoing efforts to engage and inspire young minds to create positive change for the environment, this children’s day we are excited to launch an environmental Board Game and Storybook to address plastic pollution and climate change in Nigeria.

This was developed during our Green Mentorship Project, an idea-to-solution incubator, initiated by U-recycle Initiative Africa which empowered groups of students in four schools within Lagos, Abuja, Cross-Rivers, and Nasarawa states in Nigeria, with the skills and knowledge necessary to combat plastic pollution and climate change.

The Green Mentorship Project focused on addressing the growing concern about plastic pollution and climate change by educating young people on environmental conservation. Students received experiential learning and hands-on climate leadership training, resulting in the development of four innovative eco-projects ever since the project commenced last September. These projects include a Sustainability Trivia Board Game, a Storybook called “The Eco-Adventures of Mfon,” a short film titled “LitterLeague,” and an Art Edifice Project.

Let’s Explore


The Sustainability Trivia Board Game developed by Government Secondary School Wuse Zone 3, Abuja led by Ifeoluwa Ayeni, Co-founder of Recyfrica. The interactive board game is designed to promote climate education and awareness about plastic pollution and sustainable habits. It is an exciting way to learn about the environment while having fun for children, teens, adults and everyone.

Cross River

Another remarkable project was by students of the Community Secondary Grammar School, Itigidi, Cross Rivers State. Led by Pamtongho Etorti, they created a Storybook called, “The Eco-Adventures of Mfon”. Through creative storytelling this project aims to educate and inspire young children about the importance of protecting the environment, getting them involved in the mission to address plastic pollution and climate change.


Olufilade Comprehensive College, Lagos showcased a thought-provoking short film titled “LitterLeague”. The short film educates children and teens about the effects of plastic pollution. It is an eye-opening reminder of the impact of our daily actions on the environment and the need for urgent action. The project was led by Abiona Toluwalashe, Founder of Zero Plastic Straw Community.


Finally, Government Secondary School Nyanya-Gbagyi’s Art Edifice Project was led in Nasarawa by Aliyu Sadiq, co-founder, Ecocykle. This project utilized art to spark inspiration on the need to tackle plastic pollution and protect the ocean. The project’s creative approach resonated with students inspiring them to make a positive impact on the environment.

Reflecting on the impact, Our Project Manager, Ifeoluwa Ayeni, said: “It has been an incredible opportunity to empower these young Nigerian students. The enthusiasm and creativity of these students were truly inspiring, and we are excited to see the ripple effect of their projects in their communities.”

Also commenting on the project Our Executive Director, Oluwaseyi Moejoh, had this to say, “The Green Mentorship Project has demonstrated that when given opportunity and support, youth can ignite transformative change for the environment.”

Moving Forward

The Green Mentorship Project has achieved significant success in empowering young Nigerian students to become environmental stewards and change-makers. We call on individuals, communities, and governments to take responsibility and work towards a cleaner, greener planet. Building on the success of the project, U-recycle Initiative plans to scale this project further to reach more schools across Nigeria, empowering more young people to become sustainability leaders and agents of change.

This project was implemented by U-recycle Initiative Africa with support from The Captain Planet Foundation in partnership with Recyfrica, Ecocykle, and the Zero Plastic Straw Community.

About Us

U-recycle Initiative Africa is an award-winning non-governmental organization that leverages environmental education and youth development to address plastic pollution and climate change in Nigeria and Africa. Their projects have been recognized and supported by the National Geographic Society, the Government of Canada, and the Captain Planet Foundation. For more information, visit www.urecycleinitiative.org or contact us on [email protected]


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