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Welcome To U-Recycle Initiative

U-recycle Initiative Africa is an award-winning youth-led non-profit organization, focused on advancing a circular economy in Africa through reinforcing environmental sustainability, climate action, and recycling culture across schools and communities.

The Problem

“Plastic waste is choking our oceans yet consumption and production of plastic is only increasing’’. Plastic waste is killing thousands of marine wildlife, polluting the world’s ocean, threatening ecosystems and biodiversity, posing risk to human health and clogging drainages resulting to flooding. We are working towards mitigating this global issue by proffering deep-rooted solutions locally with the help of passionate young Africans.
Advancing a circular economy across Sub-Saharan Africa.
To reinforce a sustainable recycling culture and advance environmental sustainability across Sub-Saharan Africa through schools and communities engagement.
Our Core Values

Be Part of the Recycling Revolution

Our Strategies

School Tours/Workshops

Promoting environmental education in schools across Africa.

Environmental Club

Sustaining eco-friendly habits and environmental education.


Cleaning up Africa one waste at a time.

Environmental Advocacy Events

Mobilizing young Africans to come on board the cool green trend.


Recycle collection systems in schools because every plastic bottle counts.

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U-recycle Initiative is a social enterprise led by passionate youths who invest their time and resources into educating schools and communities about the value of recycling by creating programs and proffering deep-rooted solutions to make the recycling of waste more efficient and pervasive across schools and communities in Africa.

U-Recycle Initiative

Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria

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